County Enters New Phase of “Safely Together” Pledge

County Enters New Phase of “Safely Together” Pledge


The Cape May County COVID Recovery Task Force announced Thursday that the “Safely Together” public health campaign will enter its second phase with the addition of a pledge component, as well as other aspects.

Businesses are asked to join the commitment to staying open by “Making the Pledge” to diligently follow best practices and health protocols with respect to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

People also are asked to acknowledge that they will both follow health protocols and frequent local businesses that have “Made the Pledge.”

“We’ve been encouraged by widespread participation in the Safely Together campaign so far, and in the corresponding health metrics showing that, despite the influx of summer visitors swelling the county’s population, the spread of COVID-19 has remained reasonably slow and controlled,” stated Freeholder Will Morey, co-chair of the Task Force.

Morey continued, “The addition of the pledge is designed to extend outreach and get folks firmly in the mindset of following health protocols, which will help our community stay healthy and our businesses stay open for the remainder of the summer season.”

Those wishing to make the county’s Safely Together Pledge can visit and fill out a simple form.

Then, they are provided with content to post on social media platforms letting others know they have affirmed they will follow CDC protocols (social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing), keep up-to-date with best practices, support local businesses, and do everything they can to keep themselves and others safe. All county businesses, residents, and visitors are encouraged to “Make the Pledge”.

“We’re all in this together, and the pledge serves to reinforce that we’re approaching reopening and staying open safely together as a community,” said Freeholder Leonard Desiderio, co-chair of the Task Force.

Desiderio added, “We want our residents and visitors, as well as businesses and organizations, to take care of one another by sticking to the simple best practices from health experts. We can do this by working together.”

Safely Together, a county-wide educational campaign, reinforces the message that the Cape May County community is committed to working together to ensure the safety of those living in and visiting the area.

The campaign includes digital, print, billboard, social media and broadcast ads that include various messaging regarding the importance of social distancing, wearing face coverings, and hand sanitizing.

Digital downloads are available to all local businesses and organizations for their use and include both completed graphics and industry-specific logos that can be added to existing advertising campaigns.

Designs for stickers and pins are available on the website, with T-shirt and mask designs slated to be added.