City to Shine Light on Bike Path

City to Shine Light on Bike Path

This is the bike path entrance at 25th Street and Haven Avenue. (Photo courtesy


City Council will seek bids for lighting along Ocean City’s Haven Avenue bike path to provide a safer and more enjoyable ride along the route to the Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge Park.

Specifically, bollard lights, which are short fixtures often used for walkways, will be installed along the bike path from 25th to 29th streets.

In an Aug. 18 memo, Vince Bekier, director of the city’s Operations and Engineering Department said, “The lights will provide better illumination in the current park pathway for travelers of this portion of the bike path.”

Ocean City is a popular town for bike riders, especially in the summer.

City Council President Bob Barr, who represents the Fourth Ward, which runs from the south side of 26th Street down to 59th Street, detailed the ways the lighting project will be beneficial to the community and those who like to cycle in the refuge.

“It is a low-level lighting that won’t disturb the neighborhood, but will keep people safe,” Barr explained. “It is lantern lighting. Essentially, it is a safety issue. The lighting will help people see better in that area. It will be nice, and it won’t disturb the neighborhood.”

He noted that some cyclists have called the city with concerns over the dimly lit portion of the bike path.

“We had a couple of calls about it from people riding their bikes. We decided to do this lighting because it will solve the issue,” Barr said.

In addition to the lighting being attractive and low to the ground to light the immediate areas rather than shine in people’s homes, it is also something that won’t bother the wildlife, Barr added.

Illuminating the path for nature lovers and biking enthusiasts goes along with promoting cycling, Barr noted.

Vacationers and residents alike share in the love of cycling. From bike paths throughout the city, to a bike route that winds through the north to the sound end of town, to the 2.5 miles of Boardwalk, cyclists get their fill of choices for what they want to see and where they want to cruise.

The Boardwalk during allowable hours is a hot spot for bicyclists.