Chris Vitale Provides Helpful Text Marketing Tips

Chris Vitale Provides Helpful Text Marketing Tips

Chris Vitale

Chris Vitale stresses that as technology progresses, it’s essential for dealerships to meet their customers where they are most likely to respond. There’s no denying that texting is the preferred communication option for prospective customers. Chris Vitale points to multiple studies that show most people read a text within the first two minutes of receiving it on their phone. Unlike email marketing, texts are almost guaranteed to be seen. Below are some best practices to make the most of text marketing.

Take Advantage of Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) is something that every dealership should leverage to foster more substantial and longer customer relationships. As a manager, Chris Vitale relies on CRM to show how often each dealer communicates with their prospective customer. When problems arise in a text conversation, a manager can jump in thanks to their CRM. It also helps track what type of communication is most effective. In addition to providing instant feedback on the effectiveness of your text marketing, a CRM is also programmed to ensure all communication falls in line with compliance laws in your state. This is pivotal as it lowers the liability of the dealership.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

The technological age has made people accustomed to convenience. Text marketing is more popular than ever because it allows potential customer to get back to you on their schedule. Dealers can send tracked links, from potential vehicles and credit application forms to specific responses to individual questions. Tracked links allow sales reps to see if the customer clicked open the link and how far along they may be in the process of responding. The goal of texting should always be to lead to an appointment or meeting. The majority of people simply prefer to book events via their phone rather than on a phone call. It’s more convenient and allows people to work on their schedule.

Yes, You Can Still Make Phone Calls

Texting is typically a gateway into a larger conversation. If a text conversation has gone on and no appointment has been booked, it may be a good time to pick up the phone for a quick call. Texting can often be used to facilitate the phone call as it allows the salesperson to request to speak at a convenient time. Phone calls can still be effective, but texting has proven to be a preferred method of communication for most customers. Each sales rep should be flexible and willing to communicate via the preferred method of the customer.

Chris Vitale continues to see success with text marketing and encourages more dealerships to embrace follow-up communication via text.