Choose the Correct AC Unit for Your Shore Home

Choose the Correct AC Unit for Your Shore Home


Our coverage area runs from southern Cape May County to Atlantic County, meaning many of our customers live in shore homes from beach to bay. While the views are stunning, we know that the sea air and sand at the beach can cause excessive wear and tear to certain types of materials. Those materials can be found in various HVAC units and condensers that sit outside of your home. This means that shore homes may have a different lifespan for their unit compared to a homes offshore. For example, the lifespan of a condenser in Sea Isle City will vary depending on the proximity to the beach and exposure to sand; a regular condenser on a roof in Sea Isle could last about 8 years, while a Bryant CoastGuard unit may last 12-13 years. Offshore homes on average may experience up to 30% more life in their unit than shore homeowners.

If you have a shore home, don’t you want to know that your unit is well-maintained and/or specifically designed for the environment you live in?

If a homeowner has a home on the Barrier Islands or any other beach to bay location, we highly suggest the a unit designed with these elements in mind. Broadley’s is a proud provider of Bryant CoastGuard units. While the cost can seem outlandish to some, in the long run, the quality of this unit stands up to the elements surrounding a shore home, keeping it running efficiently and holding up to its estimated lifespan. These units feature Bryant’s TuffCoat ™coil that has proven to last well beyond the coils available on standard models and also has double-sided paint on all external surfaces, eliminating possibility of corrosion. Sea water is tested on the units to prove their reliability and resistance to corrosion. Lastly, not only is this unit ideal for shore homes, it also uses Puron® refrigerant which doesn’t delete the Earth’s ozone layer. These are built to last, environmentally sound, extra-efficient, allow for comfort control, are reliable and quiet.

However, regardless of if you purchase the CoastGuard unit, or another applicable unit suggested by your Broadley’s service tech, the best thing you can do is purchase a service maintenance plan with Broadley’s.  Servicing regularly will be the best way to extend the life of the unit, regardless of which one you purchase. Monitoring corrosion, washing condenser coils and monitoring performance and efficiency of the unit are all things we will look for and do.

Lastly, if you have lived in your home for more than 8 years without purchasing a new AC unit, chances are that your unit isn’t running efficiently anymore. Contact Broadley’s today at 609-390-3907 to get a free estimate and assessment of what is best for your home, and for more information on our service contract.

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