Carol Heenan to Receive Community Award

Carol Heenan to Receive Community Award

Carol Heenan, second from left, joined by her husband, Eric Wakabayashi, with Ocean City's Community Services Director Michael Allegretto and his wife, Lisa.

Ocean City community member Carol Heenan will be receiving the John Kemenosh Memorial Award at The Flanders Hotel from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on May 2 for her service and dedication.

“John Kemenosh was on City Council when I first came to office, and he graciously served as a mentor to me as a public servant,” said Mayor Jay Gillian.

“John dedicated his life to helping the city and the community, and he should be a role model for us all,” Gillian said. “I know that one reason City Council and the administration work well together is because of Mr. Kemenosh and his ability to pull us all together to get things done right for Ocean City. I am sure he knows we miss him dearly.”

Gillian continued, “Carol Heenan has been an important member of campaign teams for as long as I can remember. There isn’t anybody who can be trusted more to dedicate time and effort to make sure voters are informed and local candidates are successful.”

The mayor noted that both Heenan and Kemenosh shared a love of community.

“They got involved to make a difference,” Gillian said. “I can’t think of two more honorable people, and their families remain an important part of Ocean City.”

Heenan, a longtime member of the Cape GOP, has spent most of her time helping the community and the Republican party since moving to Ocean City from Drexel Hill, Pa., over 40 years ago. Once moving here, she fell in love with Ocean City.

When Heenan isn’t at the GOP Headquarters, she can be found lending a hand to her sister at The Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe in Ocean City.

“There is no one more deserving of the John Kemenosh award than Carol Heenan,” said Ocean City Republican Club President Gary Jessel. “Former Councilman Kemenosh was an elected official, but was also an extremely humble and kind person who did anything he could for the Republican Party. Similar to Kemenosh, Carol is constantly at headquarters working for our party.”

He added, “She continues the legacy of hard work built by Kemenosh by tirelessly making phone calls, knocking on doors, helping with mailings, and doing anything it takes to help get the candidates elected. Carol continues to help our community and is always there for anyone who needs her. She is one of the most loyal people I have ever worked with inside our party and out.”

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