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Keep Your Home COOL This Summer Season

Whether you’re in a shore house, rental property, or the home you live in all year, Broadley’s will keep you cool all summer long.

Check your A.C. systems
It’s important to make sure your cooling systems are working properly since they haven’t been used for a period of time. The best thing to do is have one of our service technicians provide a regularly scheduled maintenance check. Is your AC blowing hot air instead of cold? If so, check out our blog to find the most common reasons why this might be happening:

Replace your window A.C. units with A Ductless System
Now is the time to check your window A.C. to make sure it’s still running and consider replacing it before the months get any warmer. If your unit does need replacing, this may be the perfect opportunity to look into ductless installs for a more energy efficient, safe and reliable way to cool and heat your home. Visit our website to learn more:

Keep an eye out for plumbing issues
Little leaks or a dripping faucet can lead to huge problems. A small leak might be larger unseen damage due to winter conditions and a leaking faucet over the months you’re away will drive your water bill through the roof. Make sure to get these issues checked out as quickly as possible so the problem doesn’t continue to grow and end up costing you. Visit our website to learn more:

Call Broadley’s today or contact us here to have one of our Comfort Advisers contact you quickly. We’ll make sure to keep your home ready for summertime fun.