Boardwalk Business Donates Profits to Animal Sanctuary

Boardwalk Business Donates Profits to Animal Sanctuary

Old Fogey Farm owner Christine Ross will use proceeds from the fundraiser at The Farm Stand on 14th to help her animals, including Otis the cow. (Photos courtesy of Mandy Miles)

A baby goat named Sadie Hope captured hearts and plenty of attention Wednesday on the Ocean City Boardwalk during a fundraiser at The Farm Stand restaurant at 14th Street. 

Farm Stand owner Becky Albertson raised and donated more than $1,000 to Old Fogey Farm, the nonprofit animal sanctuary in Egg Harbor Township, where Sadie Hope lives. 

On Wednesday, Albertson donated 100 percent of her profits from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. to help the animals at Old Fogey Farm. 

Albertson, who has known Old Fogey Farm owner and operator Christine Ross for more than a decade, wanted to support Ross’ efforts with the sanctuary animals. 

“We are beyond grateful to Becky for her unbelievable generosity and support,” Ross said. 

From left, Becky Albertson, owner of The Farm Stand on 14th, presents a check to Christine and Randy Ross, owners and operators of the nonprofit Old Fogey Farm animal sanctuary.

Some of the animals at Old Fogey Farm have special needs. Ross nursed Sadie Hope to health when her legs wouldn’t support her at birth. She also spent countless hours fixing the painful, turned-under legs of Otis the cow, who now runs happily in his enclosure and looks after Sadie as if she’s his much smaller sister. 

The farm is also home to three other, grown-up goats, three sheep and a miniature donkey named Humphrey. 

Old Fogey Farm is a nonprofit sanctuary for farm animals born with special needs that would otherwise have been euthanized. Located on Ocean Heights Avenue in Egg Harbor Township, the farm helps rehabilitate animals and provides a peaceful and loving permanent place for them to live.  

Tours of Old Fogey Farm are available by request. For more information, to schedule a visit or to make a donation, email