Beach Patrol Races Showcase Ocean City’s Female Lifeguards

Beach Patrol Races Showcase Ocean City’s Female Lifeguards

Competitors dash into the surf during the Longport Women's Lifeguard Races this month. (Photos courtesy of Dale Braun)

On Wednesday, July 10, Longport held its annual Women’s Lifeguard Races.

The event showcased the talents of beach patrols from Atlantic and Cape May counties in five events: Doubles Row, Swim, Paddleboard, Singles Row and the Surf Dash.

After winning the event in 2017 and 2018, second place Ocean City Beach Patrol was narrowly defeated by one point by this year’s winner, Wildwood Crest.

OCBP lifeguard Steph Hauck won the Singles Row by 17 seconds over second place Margate and OCBP lifeguard Erin Murphy won third place in the Paddleboard.

Sea Isle City won the Surf Dash race impressively by nearly half a minute over second place Upper Township.

Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard Erin Murphy coming in third place in the Paddleboard race.

The following are the race results:

Doubles Row:

1st – Margate 10:55

2nd – Avalon 11:09

3rd – Atlantic City 11:10


1st – Wildwood Crest 9:06

2nd – Longport 9:14

3rd – Wildwood 9:19


1st – Wildwood

2nd – Upper Township

3rd – Ocean City (Erin Murphy)

Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard Steph Hauck coming in first place in the Singles Row.

Singles Row:

1st – Ocean City 4:44 (Steph Hauck)

2nd – Margate 5:01

3rd – Wildwood Crest 5:05

Surf Dash:

1st – Sea Isle 4.58

2nd – Upper Township 5:25

3rd – Wildwood Crest 5:40


1st – Wildwood Crest 18 points

2nd – Ocean City 17 points

3rd – Wildwood 13 points