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Free Beach House Contest Winners Settle Into Luxury Ocean City Digs

Teresa Maute Carr was already a major fan of OCNJDaily before she entered our Win A Free Beach House contest. Then came the drawing, the win, and at first…the denial. “It didn’t seem real,” the Quakertown, PA resident said. “I’m a natural skeptic and I thought I was going to be put on some list. I never thought I’d win, but knew I would be getting some great email and Facebook updates to keep me informed about Ocean City. And that’s what happened. And then we got the call and the email with a picture of the house.” Reality finally set in.

OCPD Weekly Activity Report 6/19-25

Calls for Service: 1214 Daily Average: 173

Ocean City Legion Post 524 Donates Motorized Wheelchair to Deserving Veteran

The daily flag-raising ceremony at the Water Park Jim “J.R.” Robinson had just received his newly refurbished motorized wheelchair when the jokes came fast and furious: “I would rather that they gave me a Cadillac, but this isn’t too bad.” “I think I’ll take it over to the Acme parking lot and practice driving.” “I’m ready for my first drag race.”

Mayor’s Update June 24th

I want to thank Jason Mraz for putting on a great performance at the Ocean City Music Pier last night. I had the pleasure of meeting Mraz before the show and presenting a gift basket of local favorites and some baked goods for his birthday. Mraz had spent part of the afternoon playing skee ball and exploring the boardwalk, and I’m told some of his Ocean City exploits made it into impromptu lyrics at the sold-out concert.

Ocean City Councilman Guinosso Honored at Last Meeting

With praise, humor and a standing ovation, City Council bade an emotional goodbye Thursday night to Peter Guinosso during his last meeting on Ocean City's governing body. The 75-year-old Guinosso, who chose not to seek re-election in May as the Fourth Ward councilman, said he had a "great run" during his four years in office.

Ocean City High School Honor Roll 2015-2016

Ocean City High School Fourth Marking Period Honor Roll 2015-2016

Councilman Peter Guinosso to Say Goodbye at Last Meeting Thursday

Peter Guinosso is preparing to leave City Council, but says he has no plans to fade into the background in his soon-to-be role as ex-politician. Volunteer work, his membership with a local watchdog group and his involvement with an alliance of Ocean City churches will keep him busy after he leaves Council, he said.

What to Do If You Think Your Parent(s) Need Assisted Living

Realizing your parent or parents need the support of assisted living services is a significant – and often upsetting step for children. After all, the most independent, capable figures in your life are aging and their current lifestyle is becoming too much for them to handle. Further, it can be difficult broaching the subject of assisted living. Below are some useful things to consider when speaking to your parents about assisted living or long term care.

Tips for Shore House Owners and Renters

With the Summer in full swing, here are some tips for your Shore House.

Time Stands Still at Tee Time Miniature Golf

Officially it is called Tee Time Miniature Golf, but they could just as easily call it “Back in Time.” One of the first and oldest mini-golf layouts in Ocean City, Tee Time is a decidedly low-tech throwback to min-golf’s roots.