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Colin Calabrese Provides Tips for Success in Organic Chemistry

Colin Calabrese of Wilmington, NC, is a graduate of both Cornell University and Washington University where he received his PhD in Chemistry, discusses strategies for studying and mastering organic chemistry, with time management, practice problems and peer tutoring.


First quarter earnings season is nearly complete, and it has caused us to regret titling our earnings preview commentary on April 10, “Malaise Continues.” While the “better than feared” label fit the past couple of earnings seasons quite well, based on the magnitude of upside surprises in the first quarter, and encouraging guidance from corporate America, that’s probably underselling it.

Dr. Melissa Varley on the Importance of Early Learning

Dr. Melissa Varley, a Superintendent of Schools, discusses how to build a strong foundation for academic success in early learning.

Nadine Jarrard Provides Marketing Ideas for Promoting a Business on TikTok

Nadine Jarrard of CA, an advertising and marketing industry professional, discusses how businesses can and should utilize the social media platform, TikTok, to promote their business and gain a following from loyal customers.

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates Discuss the Latest New...

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates, an avid baseball fan, discusses Yankees news – Carlos Rodón’s return to the game, cheating accusations and rule changes that may benefit players, stats, and the league.

Carolyn Dubay and Life as a Military Spouse

Carolyn Dubay discusses the amount of effort it takes to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship and overcome the worry for the safety of your life partner.

Katie Barton of Colorado on The Benefits of Dog Training Via...

Katie Barton, has learned that the most effective way to train a dog positive behavior is to utilize positive reinforcement to acknowledge positive behaviors immediately after they occur. Today, Katie Barton of Colorado will share tips and tricks anyone looking to train a puppy can use to see real results.

Jennifer Boyd of Seabrook Explains the Rich Historical Significance of Quilts

Jennifer L. Boyd of Seabrook, an avid quilter who enjoys learning the stories behind the patterns and designs of various quilters, shares some background on this very American art form.

Kimberly Rolleri Discusses Popular Trends in Wedding Venues

Kimberly Rolleri, the owner of the Spanish R Rolleri Ranch, discusses the brides and grooms of 2023, and what’s trending in venue options to provide this year’s couples with their magical setting to begin the rest of their lives together.

Scott Jacobson, Founder of Fuse Advancement, Discusses the Benefits of Airport...

Scott Jacobson, founder of Fuse Advancement, explains how airport advertising can spread more awareness about a brand, and the other advantages that can be had