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Weekly Market Review: October 5, 2020

The month of October is infamous on Wall Street for the massive stock market drop that took place on "Black Monday" (a one-day loss of more than 20% on 10/19/87), but lesser known is that three of the top four daily gains for the S&P 500 index in the last 70 years also took place in October.

OC Football Dominates Absegami in Home Opener

It’s the perfect October day to kick off the football season during a not-so-perfect year. While many collegiate sports were put on hold due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the raiders are lucky enough to get on the field together. In the first quarter Jake Inserra (Sr.) put the Raiders on the board with the first touchdown and  Brendan McGonigle (Jr.) makes the kick to add another point making the score 7-0 with 6:14 left in the quarter. At beginning of second quarter Joe Repetti (Sr.) scored a touchdown following a 17 yard run. McGonigle followed with another successful field goal kick. The raiders led with a 14-0 lead against the Braves. Jake Schneider (Sr.) made a great interception at the 45 and continued to run inside to score a touchdown. McGonigle added to the score with another with a field goal kick...

Weekly Market Review: September 28, 2020

When reduced to its simplest form, the U.S. banking industry’s business model can be described as funding long-term loans with short-term liabilities. Banks take in money as deposits from individuals, held mostly in the form of checking and saving accounts.

Fall Sports Ready to Take on the Competition

As students at Ocean City High School have been adjusting to the new normal of virtual and hybrid learning, the fall athletes are looking forward to reclaiming their respective courts, courses and fields to fulfill a sense of life before the pandemic. Protocols have been established to keep the students, staff and coaches safe and heathy during these uncertain times.  All fall athletes went through a three phase program designed by the NJSIAA to slowly reintroduce fitness and keep the health and wellness of every individual involved in fall sports at the center of it all.  Masks are worn when not engaging in aerobic exercise and six foot of spacing is required when not actively involved in drills, scrimmages, etc. Certified Athletic Trainer Kathy Moran said the coaches and athletes have been diligent about following the rules and procedures so that they can have a chance to compete.  “We had 447 athletes signed up for fall sports, and we made sure they were equipped with the proper knowledge and wherewithal to do things the right way from the first day,” Moran said. The fall sports—football, girls tennis, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer and field hockey—are now prepping to get back into competition after a two week “dead period” as school began.  The seasons have been shortened and travel squad sizes have been implemented to lessen the potential impact of the pandemic but regardless, the athletes and coaches are excited to get back out there...

Weekly Market Review September 21, 2020

Weekly Market Review September 21, 2020 When the Federal Reserve cut short-term interest rates to near zero on 12/16/08 during the mortgage crisis, it set the table for ultimately what was seven years before the central bank raised rates.

Weekly Market Review: September 14, 2020

On the day that the first American died of the COVID-19 virus (2/06/20), the price of oil was trading at $50.95 a barrel. The economic impact of the pandemic on global business has been historic, driving oil prices down as the demand for energy disappeared overnight.

Weekly Market Review: September 8, 2020

It has been a six-months of U.S. employment numbers unlike any other in history. The number of working Americans reached a record high of 158.8 million (February 2020) before plummeting to 133.4 million only two months later (April 2020), and now the total has rebounded to 147.3 million at the end of August 2020.

Fishing Report: 9/4/20

Hello! This is the OCNJ Daily fishing report. This report will give you the where, when and how of fishing our local waters. We hope this information will help you catch the big one!

Weekly Market Review: August 31, 2020

The stock market marches to its own drummer, and what it thinks the economy will be "playing" months down the road. Last week, the S&P 500 index, representing 82% of the entire U.S. stock market capitalization, set five record closings in a single trading week. That last happened during the week of October 16-20, 2017. Since hitting a bear market low on 3/23/20, the stock index has gained +58.1 % (total return) in 111 trading days through last Friday 8/28/20.

Fishing Report: 8/28/20

Hello! This is the OCNJ Daily fishing report. This report will give you the where, when and how of fishing our local waters. We hope this information will help you catch the big one!