An Early Taste of Summer Brings Huge Weekend Crowds to Ocean City

An Early Taste of Summer Brings Huge Weekend Crowds to Ocean City

Crowds packed the boardwalk on Saturday.

It wasn’t just warm…it was hot! And when the hot weather comes to Ocean City, the crowds are sure to follow. Saturday was no exception. Spurred on by days of warm weekend weather projections and the massive Bayfest celebration across the bridge in Somers Point, Ocean City appeared to be in mid-season form.

Lawrence and Katherine Davis of Baltimore Md. celebrated Katherine’s 35th birthday in Ocean City.

The calendar said April, but the thermometer said June, with temperatures reaching the predicted 80 degree mark by noon and climbing throughout the afternoon. According to several weather websites and a reporter’s car thermometer, the temperature flirted with 90 degrees before topping out at 89. And with humidity hovering around 75 percent, it felt like “instant summer” at America’s Greatest Family Resort.

Young and Old were getting a taste of the great weather and summertime fun.

Locals and visitors alike flocked to the boardwalk and beaches. Boaters and fishermen and women were showed up in droves along the bay. The Municipal Golf Course and tennis courts were packed. A few hardy visitors even ventured into the Atlantic despite a chilly surf temperature of 64 degrees.

Inbound traffic was slow as visitors made the pilgrimage from points North and West.

Mark and Ela and daughters Adriana 9, and Ida, 6, help put the “family” in America’s Greatest Family Resort. They came to town after their Flair Dance Academy competition.

“I wish these people would just go home,” one boardwalk stroller said with tongue in cheek. “Don’t they know it’s supposed to be quiet this time of year?”

Today’s forecast is calling for cooler temperatures but it should heat up again early next week if any of our readers are inclined to play hooky from work.

Even the beach was rocking. The kids were out in force at 2nd Street.