2017’s Hottest Holiday Gifts at 7th Street Surf Shop

2017’s Hottest Holiday Gifts at 7th Street Surf Shop

Mia Gallagher tries out a Onewheel, like a motorized skateboard, outside of the surf shop.

By Maddy Vitale

Young surfers meandered 7th Street Surf Shop in Ocean City with their parents Saturday, as Colin Devine, the store manager, showed off some of the popular gifts this season – the very cool, indestructible Yeti coolers and containers, air fresheners, socks, ukuleles and the – Onewheel, like an electric skateboard, but a “ride” that feels a little like surfing.

The line of Yeti comes with a bit of a sticker shock for some, the stainless-steel beverage containers range from the $24.99 to $69.99. But they keep your ice-cold drinks icy and hot ones steamy for hours. And you never have to replace them.

“They’re a big seller for us,” Devine said.

The coolers, which range from about $250 to $679.00 are great for all outdoor activities.

Colin Devine, manager at 7th Street Surf Shop, says Yeti coolers are a top seller.

Customers have an array of colors of coolers to choose from – from Army green to pink. They have extremely hard shells and the only thing you would likely ever have to replace are the rubber toggles, Devine said.

There was one piece of merchandise Devine said he couldn’t keep in the store – at least for the minutes each customer tried their luck at riding on a Onewheel.

Mia Gallagher, 12, of Ocean City, was anxious to hop on. Minutes after carefully navigating the sidewalk down Asbury Avenue, the surfer carefully hopped off.

“I love it. We love to surf. It’s kind of like surfing,” Mia said of the $1,500 ride.

Her sister Brynn Gallagher, 10, also of Ocean City, sat down for a few minutes to test out something altogether different from her sister’s choice of entertainment: A ukulele.

“I love the ukulele. I started playing a year or two ago,” Brynn said. “It reminds me of sitting on the beach watching the waves crash.”

Brynn Gallagher says playing the ukulele makes her feel likes she’s on a beach watching the waves.

Kerry Alejandrino and her daughter Lauren, 10, of Ocean City, had fun checking out some Stance socks at the surf shop.

“We’re just deciding on some gifts,” Kerry said.

“I love them,” Lauren quipped to her mom about a pair of socks with a swirly design.

Jaime Keenan, a surf shop employee, said the Stance socks, which range in price from $10 to $16 a pair, make great stocking stuffers for kids and adults. Ulu Lagoon surf wax scent air fresheners are also fun items to pop into a stocking for just $2.99.

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7th Street Surf Shop at 720 Asbury Avenue (Courtesy 7th Street Surf Shop)