Warmer Temperatures Draw Crowd to OC Boardwalk

Warmer Temperatures Draw Crowd to OC Boardwalk

A surprisingly busy Ocean City boardwalk on a Wednesday in the winter.

When the weather warmed up yesterday, Scott Bachman awoke to one certainty: “I knew that I didn’t feel like working today.”

So Scott, a resident of Limerick, Delaware County Pa., and his wife Barb came up with a plan to drive to Ocean City.

“We decided this was where we wanted to come and enjoy the day,” said Bachman.

“My first stop was to buy pastries at my favorite doughnut shop, Wards,” he said.

After strolling the boards, the couple enjoyed pizza at Manco and Manco’s and said they would pick up some Johnson’s Popcorn and check out a construction site near 34th Street, where Bachman’s friend worked.

Unseasonable temperatures in the 60s caused quite a few others to have the same idea as Bachman. Though hardly the stuff of summer crowds, yesterday’s gathering was impressive given the time of year and the number of out-of state license plates spotted in town.

Scott Bachman and wife Barb drove to Ocean City from their home in Delaware County, Pa.

Beginning early in the morning when joggers, strollers and bike riders dominated, the ongoing warmth drew crowds of strollers and even a few people who parked beach chairs on the sand, well into the afternoon and early evening.

A group of female friends rested on benches at the Music Pier and said they were enjoying the warm weather and each other’s company.

“It’s great,” said Toni Williamson, a resident of Tuckahoe. “I just played some pinball and now we’re hanging out.”

Brenda Engle of Sea Isle City said she felt a little bit disloyal for coming to Ocean City. However, being with her friends made up for it, she said.

“I like being in Sea Isle, but I also like coming to the Baordwalk here,” Engle said.

Also chilling with Engle and Williamson were Nancy McBride of Ocean City and Linda Honickel of Marmora.

From left, Brenda Engle, Toni Williamson, Nancy MacBride and Linda Honickel chill out at the Ocean City Music Pier.

The group of friends, employees of Dino’s Seaville Diner, said they would stop for pizza and resume strolling the boards.

Most people didn’t seem to mind that the majority of the Boardwalk businesses were closed for the winter season, the few open businesses such as the Fudge Kitchen and Litterer’s Food court, seemed to reap the rewards as numerous folks found their way inside the stores.

A couple who identified themselves as “Joe and Joan” said they were walking off a seafood lunch they had enjoyed at the Crab Trap restaurant in Somers’ Point.

The couple, residents of Williamstown, Gloucester County, said they wanted to look at the ocean.

“Even though Atlantic City is closer for us, we really like it here,” Joe said. “We’re not really gamblers and we just like it here,” said Joe.  “It’s a lot easier to drive here and to get back out when the time comes,” he said.

Unfortunately, Joan said, that time was drawing near when she spoke with our reporter.

“I guess we’ll be heading back now, “ she said, “but this was a great escape.”

If you missed the opportunity to come to Ocean City today, don’t fret. The weather reports were calling for another day of warmer temperatures on Friday.

Joe and Joan, who declined to give their last name, enjoyed the warmer weather and being in Ocean City yesterday. They drove to the resort from their home in Williamstown, Gloucester County.