Thrilling Reasons to Visit OCNJ this Fall and Beyond

Thrilling Reasons to Visit OCNJ this Fall and Beyond


Many visitors to Ocean City, NJ are content to do little more than bask on the beach. For others, it’s not a vacation without some high-velocity, gravity-defying adventure that sends them hurtling, plunging, flying, whirling and whooshing. Does this sound like you?

Thrill-seekers don’t just crave that next big rush, they thrive on it. The reasons why are as varied as the thrill-seekers themselves. But whatever your reasons, Ocean City has exciting new land and water adventures designed to satisfy your need for speed.

Drop Tower at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier

Drop Tower, the newest thrill ride at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, begins innocently enough. You slip into your seat and take a slow ride up, up, and up some more until you are suspended 130 feet in the air, legs dangling.

From the top, you’ll get the most spectacular view of the OC skyline and Atlantic Ocean. If you can keep your eyes open. After a brief pause, feel your heart drop as you plunge a staggering 12 stories at a speed of 47 miles per hour.

“The adrenaline was SICK. I did not stop shaking and feeling that euphoria for a good hour afterwards,” said a recent rider of the negative G-force experience. “It’s a thrill you’ll never forget.”

GaleForce at Playland Castaway Cove

Some call it blue steel. You just might call it the scariest coaster you’ve ever ridden. With a 64-mph launch, crests of 125 feet and a beyond-vertical 90 degree drop, what thrill-seeker wouldn’t want to tackle the insane speeds and extreme heights of this ride? You can read more about the coaster that will send you careening head over heels here.

Wet and wild

Every summer season, the Jersey Shore draws daredevils looking to turn the Atlantic Ocean into their personal playground. Ocean City beaches offer up some of the best waves on the East Coast.  From surfing, speed boat rides and parasailing to kite surfing and jet skis, thrill seekers are constantly seeking new challenges in the inky ocean depths. You name the heart-pounding, hand-trembling, blood-racing, water-based thrill, and chances are good you’ll find it here in OCNJ. Are you in?  Visit today!