Repeat Champs at South Jersey Lifeguard Championship

Repeat Champs at South Jersey Lifeguard Championship


By Ryan Givens

After taking home the crown last summer, Longport hosted the premier race of the season.  South Jersey’s best met on the beach at 31st Avenue to determine who would claim the crown for 2017.

At the end of the night, Longport would defend their home beach and become back to back champs, scoring in every event. A key first place finish in the swim that came after a last second surge from John Tepper would lead Longport to the win.  With the addition of a pair of second place finishes in both singles and doubles row, Longport finished well ahead of the competition scoring 13 points.

Ventnor and Avalon, both scoring 8 points, would take the 2nd and 3rd place in the team titles respectively.  Ventnor took the higher position because of a higher finish in the doubles row, the tie breaking event.  Ocean City’s Quinn Cassidy was the lone scorer for OCBP, taking third in the swim.

Though the South Jersey Championships conclude the major races of the 2017 season, multiple unique lifeguard events are set for the remainder of the summer. The next event, The South Jersey Paddleboard races, are slated for Monday August 14th on 16th Street in Brigantine

Photos and Results Provided by Dale Braun

Doubles Row:

1st – Ventnor

2nd – Longport

3rd – Avalon

4th – Upper Township

5th – Margate



1st – Longport

2nd – Sea Isle

3rd – Ocean City

4th – Wildwood Crest

5th – Margate


Singles Row:

1st – Avalon

2nd – Longport

3rd – Ventnor

4th – Margate

5th – Atlantic City



1st – Longport (13 points)

2nd – Ventnor (8 points Tiebreaker)

3rd – Avalon (8 points)

4th – Margate (4 points Tiebreaker)

5th – Sea Isle (4 points)

6th – Ocean City (3 points)