Monday a Fun Day for Those Lucky Enough to be at Beach,...

Monday a Fun Day for Those Lucky Enough to be at Beach, Boardwalk

A small, but engaged crowd enjoyed yesterday's beautiful weather.

A small but engaged crowd enjoyed yesterday’s beautiful weather. Apparently October is going to have something to say about September’s reputation as “the best month” at the Jersey Shore.

On Monday a cloudless sky, 75 degree-temperatures, cool but gentle breeze and good wave action added up to a great day for outdoor activities.

A small but enthusiastic group of people took advantage of yesterday’s near-perfect weather by visiting the beach and boardwalk at America’s Greatest Family Resort.

Cloudless sky over the Music Pier

Two Philadelphia ladies, Grace McNamara and Phyllis Livingston gave OCNJDaily their names but declined to pose for a picture.

“Grace is supposed to be at work today, and that’s the last thing she needs,” Phyllis said. “I have an excused personal day so I have nothing to worry about.”
The ladies said they drove down to Ocean City as soon as they heard about the weather forecast, according to Phyllis.

“I told her I really wanted to take my shoes off and just feel the sand and go in the water up to my ankles,” Phyllis said. “I was only half serious but the next thing I knew she was calling out sick to work.”

“Totally worth it,” said Grace.

Manager Rosario Palmieri of Litterers Food Court

Litterer’s Food Court was one of the few boardwalk restaurants open for business.
“I’ve been working on the boardwalk for 40 years,” said Rosario Palmieri, the eatery’s manager. “We try to stay open as long as we can if the weather isn’t terrible,” he said. “Weather is beautiful but (business) is slow today,” he said.

Nearby, three members of the Ocean City High School surf team were ready to enter the water. James Baccala, a senior, said the trio was going to practice for a match tomorrow on Long Beach Island against Southern Regional.

Ocean City High surf team members (from left) James Baccala, Craig Nordberg, and Sam Olivia took advantage of the weather.

“Definitely a good day to go out,” he said.

A small but rowdy group of fellow students watched the wave action. Apparently, it was a good day to stay in as well.

“As long as they beat Mainland, we’re good,” one of the students said.
Today’s forecast calls for another beautiful weather day, with even warmer temperatures predicted.