OCBP Had A Rough Night At 72nd Annual Margate Memorials

OCBP Had A Rough Night At 72nd Annual Margate Memorials



Despite challenging conditions, Margate Beach Patrol came away with the win for the third year in a row at the 72nd Annual Margate Beach Patrol World War II Memorial Lifeguard Races.  The competition was held on Friday at 6:30pm at Decatur Avenue, in front of Lucy the Elephant.

The Margate Memorials consist of three classic competitions; doubles row, swim, and singles row.  But it was the Atlantic County patrols that reigned supreme in face of choppy surf and strong east winds. Margate earned the top team position at their home beach, making it a three-peat. Taking first in the doubles row, second in the swim, and third in the singles row, Margate edged out their southern neighbor, Longport, 12 points to 10, with Ventnor taking 3rd.  

The Margate Memorials are the second race of the “Big Three” lifeguard competitions for the South Jersey Lifeguard Chief’s Association.  Sea Isle City won the Dutch Hoffman’s over Margate last Monday.  The 2017 Lifeguard Race season comes to an exciting close next Friday, as the local beach patrols head to Longport for the South Jersey Championships, the final competition of the “Big Three”.

Results and Photos Provided by Dale Braun


Doubles Row:

1st – Margate

2nd – Ventnor

3rd – Longport

4th – Avalon

5th – Upper Township


1st – Wildwood Crest

2nd – Margate

3rd – Sea Isle

4th – Longport

5th – Ocean City

Singles Row:

1st – Longport

2nd – Avalon

3rd – Margate

4th – Ventnor

5th – Atlantic City


1st – Margate (12 points)

2nd – Longport (10 points)

3rd – Ventnor (6 points tie breaker)

4th – Avalon (6 points)

5th – Wildwood Crest (5 points)