They Are Dancing Their Ways To Bigger Things

They Are Dancing Their Ways To Bigger Things

Mothers of The Dance Place Seniors from left to right - Patty Raab, Tami Kitchen, Regina Jabier-McHugh, Sue Carr, Leigh Batastini, Tiffany Prettyman, Jessica Keenan, Julie Grimes, Linda Bongiovanni

By Andrew DeCredico

The Dance Place is Ocean City’s biggest dance studio, and the biggest dance studio has one thing going for it. Loyalty. Moms of the graduating seniors in high school decided that this year would be something special for their girls. Many of these girls have been dancing at The Dance Place since the first grade, and some even before that.

Despite the busyness of high school, these girls and mothers have dedicated a few hours each week to do what they love. Dancing means a lot to these families and The Dance Place has been like a second home for many of these girls. All of the hours spent each year has been with the other girls. All of these girls have been together since the beginning. They have all grown up together and watched their peers progress with them.

Seniors of The Dance Place. From left to right, Hanna Grimes, Taylor Carr, Victoria McHugh, Devon Raab, Phoebe Prettyman, Madison Kitchen, Megan Keenan, Juliana Bongiovanni, Emily Batastini.

Every year the senior girls at The Dance Place gather for their last picture together as a group. This year, not only did the girls get their pictures taken, their mothers surprised them by getting pictures done as well. Each mother brought a photo of their daughter from years ago, when they were a young girl starting dance at The Dance Place.

With each passing mothers day, these parents grew closer to their daughter’s last dance recital with The Dance Place. This year was their last Mother’s Day Recital, and many of the mothers were moved by the realization that their daughter will be moving-on from The Dance Place and high school.

Dance place moms from left to right. Top – Patty Raab, Sue Carr, Leigh Batastini, Julie Grimes, Tami Kitchen. Bottom – Tiffany Prettyman, Jessica Keenan, Linda Bongiovanni, Regina Jabier-McHugh

In addition to a picture of their daughter at a young age, each mother wore a shirt from the college that their daughter will be attending in the fall. Every single one of the mothers is proud of their daughter. This year, they decided to do something nice for their daughters by getting a picture taken with the other moms. All of these girls have bright futures ahead of them and they have the support of every single one of their peers at The Dance Place as well as their mothers.

The girls have always been good friends. Each one of these girls loves dance and dedicates their time to making themselves better along with their peers. It isn’t just all about dance though. These girls have given hours a week to their friends involved in dancing with them. Even though the girls will be moving on to new chapters in their lives, these girls and their mothers will always hold dance in a special part of their hearts.

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